Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Road Trip Part 3 - Calvados II

Cathedral de Bayeux  

I thought I would split the photos from Calvados into two parts, otherwise, it'll be longer than Rapunzel's long locks.

We headed back into the old town and went to view the Cathedral of Bayeux. The stain glasses there were amazing! We also went to view the tapestry which was very interesting how a long piece of tapestry can tell a story, from the lead up to and including the battle of Hastings. The Bayeux Tapestry is about 50cm tall x 70 m long. It's one of the longest piece of embroidery in the world. 

Apple & Sausage Galette 

We went by an umbrella shop called Parapluies H2O (click here) which my parents have bought their brollies from before and have kept theirs for almost 10 years!! They are still in pretty good quality and shape! I couldn't help myself and bought one and awaiting for the rain to come in London, so I can take my new umbrella on a rainy day. 

H2O specialises in custom made umbrellas too so if there are any patterns or shapes and sizes that you'd like to change or choose. It all comes down to your liking. I'm lucky they actually got to send my new umbrella back to my home in London. Took around 10 days or so. 

Musee Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie
I have total respect for those who fought at the war during WWII, but I have even more respect for the journalists and videographers who risks their lives to take photos and clips of the war. You actually wonder how those clips and films actually survived though many bombings and gun firings. 

Local Shop we went to before dinner
So colourful ! 


Parapluies H2O
7, Route de Credully 
14480 Crepon

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