Saturday, 9 August 2014

Road Trip Part 4 - Camembert

It's been quite a cheesy day in one of the smallest town of cheese. 

Just as we arrived, we found some classic cars from England too! 
There was an event down in Le Mans for Classic cars, this event happens every two years I believe. During this whole trip in France, we were able to see many different types and models on the road too! I'm not going to lie but I feel bad for the cars having to be driven on the highway... If it was me, I would much prefer taking the country roads and enjoying the spectacular views of France.

What I wore
Top Topshop | Skirt Topshop
Bag American Vintage | Shoes Grace Garden 
Touring the museum and understanding how Camembert came to be.

Camembert Baguette and local apple juice 
Some companies who produce small amounts of Camembert still uses the old traditional method 

It's one of the hottest days we've had since being in France. After leaving Camembert, full bellied with cheesiness we drove up to where King William (the Conqueror) once lived at Chateau Guillaume le Conquerant in Falaise. 

iPad = Tour Guide
The only down side in using this iPad, is that mine just went a little more than cray cray... restarted itself and for some reason, it changed itself to different languages after I've scanned the logo they've provided all around the tour. After which, it just decided to stay French for the rest of the time we were touring the castle. Its pretty cool that it doesn't just show you what it may have looked like back in the 9th century. There are games on the iPad for you to follow, even if it keeps restarting itself, it's not too hard to follow what's going on. 

One heck of a view at the top of the castle
But also one heck of a way up on those huge stone steps! 

Since we had time to spare before dinner at the Hotel Le Lion D'Or back in the main town of Bayeux, we went around the corner down the street for quick refreshment. You can never really go wrong with a coffee or apple cider, but for some odd reason, we sat at an Irish pub. I love sitting outdoors in Europe and people watch on a fine day like this. There's always something interesting going on. 

Amuse Bouche
Cheese Biscuits | Melons | Savory Macron
paired with a half cidre and half calvados aperitif

Lobster Ravioli
Local Oysters
Duck Confit with stewed apples
Boeuf with grilled vegetables
Grilled Fish with Asparagus
Baked Camembert with Crumble topping
Cafe Gourmand
Most Cafe Gourmand are small portions of the desserts served from the menu with a shot of espresso. 

Pomme Tart

With a lovely sunset to end the evening on our last night at the Manior de Carel too.

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