Friday, 13 May 2016

The Franciscan

The Franciscan is just right across from Red and White Fleet where we took the Bridge 2 Bridge Cruise. Not really knowing where we should have food after having been on a cruise and feeling slightly relieve having two feet back on the ground, we stopped in front of any restaurants we normally do, had a look at the menu and it was either a yes or no to head in or not. 

Well! Seeming that its been here for a while and they specialize in crab and seafood. Why not right? 

I love the setting there, the place is filled with classic photos of the famous and the typical american diner feel to it. We sat at the sofa seats facing the glass windows and what a view we had of the ocean. 

Nemo seems to appear alot 
As much as a drink sounded delightful, don't think it was the best idea for me after that cruise tour... Neither the three of us were that hungry to start off with, however, we need to be fed and decided to order some to share. This meal was definitely the least we've had to share or let alone eat! 

Tureens - Garlic Steamed Clams (Medium : $39.95)

Cheers with the CLAMS! 
 Fresh clams are always great to share for a starter! The garlic was just slightly heavy to our liking however, at least we weren't drinking cream. 

Iron Skillet Roast
Double Mussels and Crab ($19.95)
I can just imagine if we were travelling with a massive group of people, the sight of a few Iron Skillet Roasts would have been immaculate!  We ordered a salad too to fill our greens for our (trying to be healthy) meal. I like how simple each dish was, nothing more than the good old garlic and butter. Don't need anything else when you have very fresh seafood.

Definitely check this place out for seafood if you're around the area. 

With an incredible view, we took our time to have our food and while watching the sun set. 
We didn't even have dessert and went straight back to the hotel. 

With full belly of seafood and a good night sleep, already getting excited for Napa Valley wine tour the next day. 

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