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This place has always been packed full of people, so that's why there's the 'Wait Time' out of the front door. If you're willing to wait for a table, you'll definitely get a true Southern hospitality. Some of you may know that it's been renovated to it's original state because of a fire accident. Always worth the wait right? 

Only a small section of OK

If you don't really want to wait for the queue on weekends, there's always the take-away section where you can still enjoy all the food you want. Maybe apart from the ice cold milkshake which water downs out in the heat. 

We sat under the money tree. One of the original pieces of the interior which was not destroyed in the fire. 

One who served us was Leesa (photo above) pouring us an order of the Chocolate Milkshake (yes, an order for one is 2 glasses), she's been with the OK family for a very long time, so if you see her, say hi for me. Ask her about the restaurant if you want, she knows alot more than what I can tell you. 

Managed to miss the breakfast time slot but hey! Lunch is just as great.
I'm sure any of my friends get that hangover would want some greasy food!

Fried Cheese Grits with Jalapeno and Cheese Dip ($8.50) 

One of my favorite things to add with a meal with proper southern food. 
It's like spicy vinegar. 

Can't beat a good Roast Turkey drenched with gravy ($14.99) comes with 2 choices of vegetables and a corn muffin. I went for the Baked Sweet Potato and Kale salad. Turkey normally comes with some stuffing and cranberry sauce too. Always a plus plus plus. 

With Southern food, no one goes home empty stomached. 

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