Monday, 14 November 2016

3ina | Colours & Kajal

While ago, I went to the 3ina x Wonderland event in Covent Garden. I really do try the products out before making my final decision how I feel about them. 

I love the new waterproof mascara in colour range (£8.95 each) they've launched out, just trying them on back of my hand. I can already think of a few people who'd wear them out! 

In their little gift goodie bag I got, the new Kajal Eyeliner and their Waterproof Cream Eye shadow. I've made a review of the cream eye shadow (click here) before, so this is going to be more concentrated on the Kajal liner. 

Comes in 8 different colours (£8.95 each), I was lucky to get one of the dark colours to try out. Doesn't come in black but the grey does give the definition you want, I have added black eye shadow powder to intensify the colour. 

Very creamy and very pigmented. That is only one swatch on my hand you see below. 
For someone who has watery eyes or oily lids like I do, I do recommend setting it with powder, the colour did transfer or smudge when I didn't set it with something. Apart from that, I'm interested to try the other colours 

I'm not paid to write this but go check them out if you want to try something new. 
They are known for their fun and bright colours after all! 

Thank you 3ina ! 

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