Friday, 23 January 2015

Exhibition : Japanese Poster Artists & More

Just over the weekend, I went to see 3 exhibitions with a friend at the Hong Kong Design Institute Gallery. If you're in town and interested to go check it out, the nearest station would be Tiu Keng Leng. The galleries are just opposite the street of Exit A. 

First up, The Japanese Poster Artists showcasing Cherry Blossom and Asceticism. Let the few photos I've taken communicate with you visually than my words. Few of my favorite posters were designed for Sheseido and Laforet. 

Who do you see? 

The second exhibition just next to the poster gallery, up a few stairs and up we went to Re Rag Rug. The reinvention of rug making by recycling old clothes and textiles designed by two Swedish designers. 


How they came to be Re Rag Rug 

The third gallery was dedicated to the Untold Matters of Red Dot Award-Winning Designs. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos there but every product tells a story itself.  

Japanese Poster Artists
Oct 14 2014 till March 30 2015
10am - 8pm (Free Admission)
d-Mart, HKDI and IVE 

Re Rag Rug
Oct 24 2014 till March 23 2015 
10am - 8pm (Closed on Tuesdays) 
d-Mart , HKDI and IVE 

Red Dot Award-Winning Designs
Nov 28 2014 till May 31 2015 
10am - 8pm (Free Admission)
HKDI Gallery, HKDI and IVE 

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