Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hermès | Crazy Carré

La Masion des Carrés

Silky and smooth, loud prints or even a subtle one.
It was an exquisite night with scarves held at Hong Kong's Fringe Club. 

With so many different ways to wear a scarf, from a simple head piece to a decorative accessory and even a fashionable top. It's no wonder Hermès Carré are collectible items. 


With each room themed, first up, was 'Paradis de Soie', the inspiration from tropical birds. I was walking through a jungle room filled with colour and pillows to ease ourselves on to relax. 

Canapes served in cages. Just like the last Hermès event, many of the food are eatable off the decorations. 

Onto the next room 'Cheval Surise', it was all about Splash, yes, even my cocktail was off a paint tin. Innovative and fun at the same time. Had a little egg throwing session with Mr. Splash who was also a bit of a fortune telling when it came to colour. 

Meet Mr. Splash

A little bit of fun with some custom made temporary tattoos Hermes have specially made just for the event. With the love of prints, I could not resist one of my all time favorite prints, leopard. 

Ready, Set, Take!! 
As all events would, have a bit of a photography moment and this is one of the best ones I've ever seen. The jungle look, thinking of King Kong anyone? There were also a makeup counter by M.A.C for a touch up and even putting some feathers on for a bit of fun. 

Pinball and Darts! 

Music, cocktails flowing, pinball and darts and even paper basketball shooting.
It was a fun night to end with 4 girls performing with the classic Cancan. 

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