Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pier 39 : Fog Harbor Fish House

After the tour we did with Greyline, we got off the bus here at Pier 39 and as always, looking for food. Just about time to grab some dinner before calling it a night. 

Walked around the area of Pier 39 found Fog Harbor Fish House at the top decks on the left facing the pier's direction. First thing after getting a table, ordered ourselves a few drinks to refresh and cool down. Where we sat inside was slightly warm and air didn't seem to circulate well... Something cold was much needed. 

Fog Harbor Lager ($8) | Strawberry- Basil Nojito ($7)
Ahi Tuna Polk ($16)
Steamed Clams ($16)
Slightly on the spicy side with the clams because of the chorizo. 

Cioppino ($33) 
Crab Louis Salad ($24)
After going to Alaska, I guess we still have that little crave for some crab meat. A San Francisco Classic, the Crab Louis is the one to go for. Pretty simple, yet, it still fills a hole. 

Decisions decisions!! Typically I wouldn't be able to choose and say: "One each please".
Had a little too much already, so we chose two to share. 

Tiramisu ($8.5) | Apple Crisp a la Mode ($8.5) 
As far as I know, San Francisco's got plenty of Italians around and known for it's Little Italy too! With that train of thought, Tiramisu, I've got to try this. 

Plenty of shops and even a carousel if you fancied a round on it. Even managed to find a shop just for lefties!! Managed to get a pair of lefty scissors so we don't have to keep tilting our heads because of the way the normal scissors are made.  Most things in general for left handed are available, however, the only thing I can't ever seem to find is fish knives for lefties.

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