Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Story : Luck in Life < 1st Year >

Today, last year
I had a tumor rupture and was diagnosed with cancer.

Just reminds me how lucky and blessed I am to be alive to this day. 
I can't thank enough to all the nearest and dearest, family and friends 
whom all have supported me since day one. 

I would also love to thank few of my readers who personally have been sending me emails to encourage and sharing their story with me. 

It's been one year, physically I'm well but we all know that I do struggle mentally with it. Just thinking about it does make me sad but then again, everything happens for a reason. I truly believe in that and really am glad it's been a life lesson too.

This really is a Thank You note, 
for all those who've put up with me and supported me through this time. 

All My Love, 

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