Sunday, 7 June 2015

Kyoto | Fujino

The one restaurant we returned for a more meals was this one called Fujino. At Kyoto Station is the shopping mall Isetan too. Very convenient for shopping and plenty of food choices up at the Eat Paradise on the 11th floor. 

Even though they only serve vegetarian food here, there are at least four sets to choose from and other a la carte dishes from their seasonal selection. All made with tofu along with other vegetables! I didn't feel like it was vegetarian at all! It was that delicious, we just had to come back for more. If you ever travel to Kyoto, please do go and try this restaurant! 

Fancy Sake Cup
Plum Wine 

Grilled tofu and mochi 

Fried Tofu 
Stewed tofu with soymilk 
Soymilk soup with yuba and sakura

Bamboo and yuba over rice

After the meal was served little by little, you get to choose the dessert of your choice that they have for the season. I love green tea, so I could not resist a completely green tea dessert to end the meal with. SO! Green tea mousse and then a traditional matcha tea! For some people, matcha tea can be slightly bitter, however, with the dessert, it really feels complete ending with a sweet note. 

Green Tea Mousse with Sencha

Black Bean Coffee with Baumuchen (German Sponge Cake) 

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