Monday, 3 August 2015

Benjamin & Blum @ Lane Crawford (Hong Kong)

A while back, I was lucky enough to be invited by DBS Treasures to attend a whisky pairing with Benjamin & Blum. Apologies for the late post. At first glance before you read into what they produce, the first instincts you get might be, whisky? Especially with the luxurious bottling, then you realise, it's actually a rare tea collection produced in small batches in the highest quality. 

Introducing the exquisite tradition of rare tea by Mr. Paul Benjamin himself (photo below), briefly giving us a little background of Benjamin & Blum's history itself with the roots of Germany and Austria, upon how two souls began their trade in the food and drink business. As the business grew, supplies began to be sold in high society in Vienna. Fast forward to present day on how tea and whisky actually came to be was all thanks to Queen Victoria II. Even though the reason to have a spiked tea was not the most pleasant for her majesty, however, I must most definitely thank her for this at the end of the day. Now London based and available for the finest spirits.

Tea and single-malt whiskys and even cognac compliment each other exceptionally well to create layers of flavors with harmony. Especially now with these two splended brewed teas available, the pairing with whisky releases a new aroma. 

The two main micro production rare teas are the following. 

Darjeeling White Peony (Bai Mu Dan), tea is grown and hand picked at the origin of tea from Chinese root stock, a floral tea with a hint of peach blossom and rose. Delicate, floral and sweet on it's own and with whisky it gave an extra layer of fragrance. 

As for the Connoisseur's Oolong, surprisingly, the leaves itself are from New Zealand, matching up with the finest tea you can buy. Hinted with a scent of honey and orange, it releases it's natural sweetness to the palette more suited with cognacs.

We were recommended to add a few drops of tea to the spirit of choice little by little first and enjoy adjust to your liking, preferably at 1:1 ratio. The tea must be consumed within a week once opened and stored in the fridge. 

Now for a spot of Scotch and Earl Grey. 

Retailing at HK$1,900 each or HK$3,600 for this Twin-Decanter set exclusively at Lane Crawford (CLICK HERE for Lane Crawford's website). 

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