Thursday, 31 July 2014

Road Trip Part 2 - Calvados

Honfleur Bridge

Next stop! Bayeux. 
Since its the 70th Commemoration of D-Day (the last ever), why not visit the place where WWII was? Like I said before, it's hard to believe France is a peaceful place from all the photos taken. I don't know about you but sometimes you really can't enjoy the view and site seeing wonders when you're with a tour. So a road trip is definitely more flexible if you don't like to rush like we do. 

First dinner we had in Bayeux 
Pomme Galore! 
Tart Tartin 
My room for the next couple of days
The first hotel was very pink, then to a different colour palette, yellow. 

Breakfast at Manior de Carel
Fresh Raspberry from the owners yard
View from 360 museum
Looking over the remaining Mulberry Harbour at Gold Beach in Arromarches.

Galette for lunch 

After lunch we drove along the coast from Gold Beach to Omaha Beach.
The Longues Battery

Battery totally got bombarded
The American Memorial Cemetery 

Les Braves

We decided to go back into the town on Bayeux and headed for dinner.

We were actually looking for this local restaurant which we found in one of the guide books we had. Funny thing is, were ever we tried to input the address to the GPS, we seem to end up going to the back door of the venue or place we were trying to head to. Just all the fun of travelling really.

Garlic Butter Escargot
Duck Confit
Apple Tartin 

La Fleur de Sel
6 quai Felix Faure,
14520 Port-en-Bessin-Huppain,

Manior du Carel
La Ferme du Carel
14400 Maisons

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Road Trip Part 1 - Calais

This time, we drove to France from Folkestone to Calais. Since we had a wedding to attend to, it only made sense that we take a road trip down to Normandy this time too. 

It was a very girly room indeed which I'm very not use to. Almost everything was pink! Nothing wrong with that, but I'm really not use to it, that's all. On top of that, my bedroom was filled with spiders... and most of them creepy crawlies were all under the radiator too. So you can imagine how nervous and paranoid every night I was when I got into bed. 

First visit after checking into the hotel, we went to the WWII's German V2 Rocket Base. I could not believe how big the concrete building was. I will say this though, it really is hard to believe that France's country side's such a peaceful place with incredible views while it was a war zone during the World War II. 

V2 Rocket

Dinner at Mont Cassel
Estaminet Het Kasteelhof 

Apple and Sausage Tartin
Buying some local cidre (cider)
Breakfast time!
I love french breakfasts that we always get. It's simple, yet, it definitely fills a whole to start the day! Some good old pastries, homemade jams, a yogurt each, fruit and baguette. Can't forget the tea and coffee of course. 

The city where Julius Caesar first based to prepare an invasion of Britian in 43AD

In the Cathedral of Boulogne-sur-Mer

How could I resist...?
Lunch at O Sud
 We were actually trying to find another restaurant in the old town which my dad found in one of the guide books he had. Turns out, it wasn't around anymore. Instead, we ended up going for this place where they specialise in mussels. It's one of types of food I love having in France nearer to the coast. They say, in the summer, the mussels are smaller but sweeter but in the winter, it's just more plump.  

After lunch, we went to see the massive battery by the seaside, it's also where they displayed the K-5 Rail Gun. There are only two left in the world, the other one is in America. 

It was one heavy helmet...
Part of Grand Site des Deux Caps 

Dinner at Grill La Griotte
Started off with some escargot
St Jacques

Canard Confit with Raspberry Sauce
Apple Crumble
Attended a wedding at the Chateau de Cocove 

It's pretty dim but what I wore. 
Dress Reiss | Necklace ASOS | Jacket Ralph Lauren
Clutch ALand | Shoes Jipi Japa 

Next day, we got up early again to have some breakfast, checked out and headed to our next destination. On the way, we went to see the British Memorial Cemetery & Monument at Triephal, Somme. If you go on a road trip like us and like to drive, there are plenty of other memorial cemeteries along the way. It just depends on which country you would like to visit.  

Triephal, Somme

Estaminet'T KasteelHof 
8 Rue Saint0Nicolas
59670 Cassel

O Sud 
20 Rue Doyen Boulogne-sur-Mer

Grill La Griotte
67 Avenue de Rouville
 62610 Ardres

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