Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Providores :

The first impression was like S.O.S ( Smith of Smithfield. I will upload another blog about S.O.S when I visit the restaurant again ). The restaurant isn't very large, however, it does look very comfy and fun with the mixture of high tables and chairs in the centre when I first walked in. Lower tables doesn't provide too much space but experience is in the FOOD ! I saw 7 people in 4 seated table! So, I would suggest going in smaller numbers whilst walking-in & if you have reserved a table, you definitely have the advantage on the reservation and requests.

There is a difference with the ground and top floor:
* The ground floor (Tapa Room) is more relaxed and casual, however, I felt like I had to shout when anyone listened (vise versa). It was quite noisy and restricted with your arms as you sit / eat in a compacted small space. Coffee machines, juice mixer and music with alot of people talking would mean you might have to speak louder. I'm glad I could lip read a bit, otherwise, I wouldn't have heard what anything my parents were saying. When it is very busy, it is very busy with out a space for waste, especially walking past anyone.

* Top floor (The Providores) is more like smart casual, more spacial as you have the privilege of space, quietness & more relaxed with the luxury of service.

View of the restaurant:

Other than that! The food was really good and both times, I had brunch. It is between the fusions of wine, breakfast , tapas, which I really liked.

Photo on top-
I had the French toast with banana and apple filling. I thought it was well made as the bread was not soaked too much and the sweetness of the filling balanced out with the crispy bacon on top which was not greasy but light.

Left : Tortilla salad- sweet potato, rocket leaves, yogurt, etc.

Top Left : Bacon Fry-Up. looked very satisfying

Middle of the table : Savoy Muffin (savoury) - Tomato based and a bowl of olives marinated in ginger and another fruity taste to it.

After brunch, we decided to have a desert so our dinner would be lighter. I had a peach rice pudding which wasn't filling at all and I could actually taste the fruit. Cause I'm Chinese, I don't like rice to be too broken down so it was perfect for me (:

Photo below-

* Final Bill *
Plus drinks, and two other desserts, the bill came out to £££ !! Everything inclusive, so for the price of food, it was worth the money paid.

It is a bit more expensive BUT I think it is worth the selection of food that is given and plates were well presented. Though I though The Tapas Room was less spacious than The Providores. The food is still the same but the Tapa room is a 'First come first serve' like service, therefore, the bill comes out to have excluded a cover charge.

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