Monday, 14 February 2011

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day ~ how would you celebrate with your love one(s)?

This may be a little late but every year I recommend some to a lot of my friends and this year I recommend the Four O Nine or Le Cafe Anglais (French & European) both in London. Maybe I'll write about it next time (;

Wish you all the Happiest Valentine's <3

with love,

Smith of Smithfield

aka : S.O.S

Located on Charterhouse Street of Smithfield right next to the famously student club , Fabric and also near to a butcher shop which opens very early! Or perhaps the best hangover food and drinks for my friends too. SOS is a lounge, bar & restaurant owned by John Torode (if you watch Dragon's Den, you'll spot it) Personally, I've never watched Dragon's Den before by after watching an epsiode of it I would say he is inspired by the settings of the building's atmosphere. The building itself is a Grade II listed four floor storey high setting from rustic on the ground floor to high end elegance on the top.

Nearest Metro/ Tube station is Farringdon Station just 0.2km ( just that far!!)

The Ground floor to the entrance is an open plan kitchen with a bar at the back of the dining area. By far since I've discoved SOS, my favorite drink is the smoothie - Blackberry with mint and yogurt with a Number 4 which is an English Breakfast with a few more varities on the menu. Instead of hush brown now, they use to do : Bubble ( mash with cabbage ). If you're hungry, I'd suggest a fruit salad or even with some booze . It is a first come first serve system so better be there early. Parking is availabe just around the corner by Starbucks down the road.

I haven't been to any of the other floors to try the food but I certainly will if I have the time away from work .

For phots and details of SOS, the website is: booking online available too

with love,

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