Thursday, 28 November 2013


A while back, before the whole incident of the hospital runs and emergencies, I was recommended to come to this Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant and try out the chef's skills and food. There are only limited seating so booking is essential. When I first looked at the front door, it took me a while to think how to pronounce the restaurant name. Just like an "I" & a "M" therefore i m.

Mostly Japanese sake and wine.
Wine selection isn't bad
 Marimo (Japanese Moss)

 There were only two choices from the dinner set menu to try from, so that's what we went for. It was either the Teppanyaki Set Menu or Mok's Menu. The difference the two menu is that Mok's Menu has the extra choice of having either abalone or lobster and foie gras (duck liver). On top of that, the choice of beef.
When you're there, don't hesitate to ask Chef Lawrence for his recommendations on wine, he might even tell you to try a white wine produced in Japan.


It's common to have a fried rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables to end the meal before having a dessert. Even thought it's Teppanyaki, overall, I find there were quite a few techniques used in fusion cookery. Some may find this to be over their price range but you get what you pay for. Through out the night during the whole meal, I really did appreciate how the chef did not use so much oil into the food as he preps and cooks.

Melons were definitely in season

134 Tung Lo Wan Road
Tai Hang
Hong Kong
Tel : 2570 7088

Saturday, 23 November 2013

My Story: Luck in Life

Apologies for the lack of update, I don't have much excuse to make but I was admitted into emergency on the 4th November. What you're about to read is really what I went through. Originally, I was already writing a piece about my Spinal Arteriovenous Malformation (Spinal AVM). I have been out of the hospital and still recovering at the moment. I do have a lot of things to share with you guys! Even a little reminder of myself of how lucky I am to be alive at the moment.

So on the 4th, I woke up pretty early in the morning and I was fine till the afternoon came. I was on my way to my styling class. So after lunch, I had a little bit of time and decided to have a cuppa coffee as usual. Up to that point I was fine, until I stepped into the studio for my class. Within 5 minutes of the class, I suddenly felt faint and weak, so without a doubt, I really had to sit down and really felt bloated to that point too. My tutor suggested I rested my head for a bit, which I did and a little after, there was no question to myself that I really had to go home. Cold sweating & blurry eyed, from waiting the elevator to walking to the front entrance of the building felt like a task. Thankfully, my makeup mentor who was there to help me catch a cab home, otherwise, I really would have fainted on the streets.

Eventually getting onto the cab, on the way home, my stomach was getting even more bloated then ever. With really frustrating taxi drivers in Hong Kong, most of the times the trip home gets quite bumpy... I don't think I have ever felt so sick in my entire life on a cab. When I was in the taxi, I felt really nauseous but after sitting down in the taxi for a while, I felt a little better. Things turned from bad to a little more than worse for me when I got to the building entrance. Up those few steps were fine, till I got into the lift and searched for my keys. If that was a challenge already with blurred eyes and very dizzy, normally I can just get my keys to unlock the door within a few seconds. This time round, because everything was so hazy, I had search for the keyhole with my other hand.

Luckily, both my parents were home then, otherwise, I think I would have just collapsed at front door. Walking towards the living room when I was taking my shoes off, everything suddenly seemed like it was whirling as if I was tipsy. My father helped me into my room because I could just barely walk straight. Both my parents and I thought I had caught a really nasty flu or some sort since I was cold sweating really badly. After getting changed into some home clothes, I went straight to bed after having some normal flu medicine.

Little did I know what was going on, when I woke up, I was alright when I laid down on my bed. When I tried to sit up, I would feel dizzy and fall back onto my bed (sounds like someone was still having a hungover, but I kid you not, I did not drink a drop of alcohol at all). At last, after struggling with myself to sit up to go to the bathroom, I thought I was alright, until I was about to open my bathroom door, I know I fainted down once first, then somehow got back up again. Then, everything just went entirely wrong. I know I have fainted for the second time, because I can hear everything else around me but I can't seem to do anything. Thankfully, my parents didn't head out for dinner like they have planned. Because I can hear my dad calling my name with a shake in his voice and lightly tapping onto my face to keep me awake. Every time I kind get a little conscious back, I know I quickly fall back asleep. Hearing the panic of my mother's voice at the back of my dad, I know they tried to carry me back to my bed. By then, I can hear my mom calling for an ambulance. By that point, my dad asked me one simple question: "Where do you feel uncomfortable." All I could do was point to my stomach and the rest, what happened was this.

Sirens, people talking, calling my name and phone calls. That's all I could hear when I realised that I was already on the ambulance heading to A&E. All I could remember at the emergency room, there were loads of nurses and doctors calling my name to keep me awake. Little after that, I know I was up on the ambulance again to be transferred to another hospital. When I arrived at the other hospital, all I could hear was people calling my name, sirens and people shuffling around. I remember there was a doctor and nurse who kept calling my name endlessly and said to me if I don't keep my eyes open, they'd have to hurt me by squeezing my shoulders hardly. Shortly, after having a few scans, I knew I was already brought to the operating theatre.  Little did I know what was going on, next thing I know, both my hands were connected with drip lines and ready to be operated.

What happened next or whatever happened in between, I will write another time. For the time being, it still shocks me to what had happened but all I can really say is.

I am lucky to be alive.

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