Sunday, 30 March 2014


Instead of writing too much, I'll let the photos do the talking instead because there are just too many to show. 

Condiments: Dried fish, pickled plum, seasoned wakame |
 Shot of Strawberry Vinegar Juice | Tea 
Traditional Japanese Breakfast
Bike Park

Let the food galore begin! 

A fine day indeed 

After getting off the station, we had a quick bite before entering the Tenmangu Shrine in Dazaifu. Since it was a Sunday, there were plenty of people, especially students of all ages. Many go there for prayers and well wishes, but the most popular is among students during their entrance exam seasons and good grade or even just to pass their exams. I've bought bought one of those good luck charms before but when I was moving around in halls and houses during university, I kina do regret not taking care of it. Nevertheless! Charms a charm. Good or bad, sometimes it depends on how much you want it (anything in mind). 

Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine


Cleansing your body and mind before at a water place before enter the main shrine. 

Plum blossoms just started to bloom 

If we came a week later, the flowers would have bloomed and this would have been a beautiful shot 

Caught a wedding in action

Went by an entire building of Ichiran Ramen! 

What a few hours difference can make
Dinner : Teppanyaki

Now, how could I resist?!
Kyoho Grapes to end my evening 

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