Monday, 27 July 2015

Kyoto | Afternoon in Kinkaku-ji

A photo's worth a thousand words, and here was my day at Kinkaku-ji. 
Started the afternoon off with a lovely cuppa coffee (: 

Small traditional cafes in Japan are the best. Coffees are smooth and pastries are to die for! 

First the Silver Pavilion, now the GOLD

I couldn't resist another Green Tea ice cream 

A well deserve meal after walking all day 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Review : OZ Natural's Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I've used quite a few different brands of serums through out the years and never came across one like this before. OZ Naturals is one of the top selling brands on and it's not hard to see why. 

Hyalurnoic Acid, the sound of it can be daunting, however, it is clinically proven that it provides good moisture and firmness to our skin. All's good so don't worry. This little bottle of wonder is also packed with Vitamin C which is a great antioxidant which supports natural collagen production and protects our skin from the environmental provokers. Vitamin E helps with the circulation of blood to the skin and nourishes the cells and helps to heal the skin naturally, on top of that, a good anti-aging agent to help our skin look younger. Not only can Wild Crafted Green Tea act as a glorious antioxidant but also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient which helps calm the skin and reduce swells and puffiness. 

To my surprise, it applies more like gel because of the thicker consistency with a slight fragrance to it. It absorbs very quickly after the application and I felt that it has also improved the incorporation of my daily moisturizer. Because of the consistency of the product, I use about three droplet sized dots and dot one on my forehead, and one droplet each on top of my cheeks. More than enough to even apply onto my neck area. 

The product also claims to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I don't have them just yet because I am still at my 20s, however, it's always a great start to get this goodness to prevent premature lines and wrinkles for sure! Personally, with a slight puffiness and redness due to lack to sleep most of the time, I do feel that my skin feels very much hydrated and firm since. 

Highly recommend for my fellow beauty/ skincare lovers to give this a go! 
Why? Because I have gotten a lot more compliments from friends since using this product! 
It's affordable and it works! 

100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free,
Mineral Oil-Free, Lanoin-Free, Gluten-Free & GMO-Free 
Made in USA 

Powered by Brand Backer 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Kyoto | Fushimi Inari

On the JR Nara Line again like we went to Uji, we hopped onto the train and visited the famous Fushimi-Inari Shrine. Best known for the thousands of vermilion torii gates, the trail leads into the wooden forest of Mount Inari. Inari itself means Fox.

Going along with the the tradition when entering a shrine in general. Cleansing and purifying your body and mind at the Water Pavilion "Temizuya" before entering. Normally the procedure would be the following : 

1. Take the ladle with your RIGHT hand and pour water over your LEFT hand.
2. Switch the ladle to your LEFT and pour the water over your RIGHT hand.
3. Hold the ladle on your RIGHT again, scoop some water onto your LEFT and rinse your mouth
**NOTE : NEVER wash your mouth using the ladle directly.** 
4. Lastly, tip the ladle to rinse it off with the remaining water in it. 

The hike up to the summit of the mountain through the torii gates will take about 2-3 hours and the pathway is about 4 kilometers up. Since we were tight in time, we decided to just walk around the bottom area and head up at our next visit. 

Senbon Torii
Senbon Torii means "Thousands of torii gates". Most of these are engraved with donator's name and date inscribed on the back of each gate. The size of the gate varies depending on the amount by individuals and companies. 
To write one's prayers and wishes

At the end of the visit, I couldn't resist a salted sakura (cherry blossom) ice-cream

Address :
Fushimi Inari Shire - Fushimi Inari Taisha 
68 Fukakusa Yabu-no-uchi-cho

Monday, 6 July 2015

Beef & Liberty : New Burger Preview

If you're been to Beef & Liberty, you know your burgers well in Hong Kong. 

I was invited by the lovely food enthusiast, food blogger, the gorgeous Food Bible HK to join her to try this new delight at the restaurant. Check out her lovely blog if you can! I'm obsessed with it (CLICK HERE to the BLOG) !

 I've been to Beef & Liberty before and the sweet potato fries are a must for me every time! As well as the Warm Skillet Cookie & Cream for us sweet tooth. Add that with a spiked milkshake, they've got it all covered. If you like a sweet shake in general and love a good creamy Bailey's, try their Colombian Scream. 

Semi Open Kitchen Style
Food Bible HK in action ! 

Burger & Beer.
What's not to love about it? 

The star of the night

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger 
If you love pulled pork and you love burger, I think you've just hit the jackpot.

Within the lovely toasted bun, you get a mouthful of Tasmanian Grass-Fed Hormone-Free Beef, perfect as (for me especially because I am a cancer patient, it's good to know where the produce is from!) the base for all their burgers. Topped with the star of the dish, Braised Pulled Pork and a good dollop of Smokey BBQ Sauce. Finished off with a good amount of Green Apple Slaw, crunchy and the hint of the apple's acidity brings out the sweetness of the Smokey BBQ Sauce.

Tender, juicy, sweet, smokey and savory.
They've got it all down into one amazing burger. 

Even my hair wanted a bite of the burger
Total Demolish 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

June Favorites

First things first, where has the time gone?! 
Half the year's already flown by by the blink of an eye. 

If you're like me, a bit of a tech geek behind closed doors, you'd probably like this just as much as I do. Something that's cool and comes in four different colours is the Tracks Air by SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola (CLICK HERE). I personally got this as a gift but I love it more than any of my headphones I have. The best thing is, having wearing it for long hours, it didn't hurt my ears either. You get the choice of having it either wireless and linked through Bluetooth or the classic plug-ins. What more can you want when it has noise reduction and isolating sound engines? On top of that, it can also play as a speaker! Playback time up to 15 hours and it's adjustable, travel friendly, light weight and you can take it apart. Perfect! I can have iTunes on play and walk around the flat without disturbing others and I don't have to take it off either! Summer's here too and I can take it around with me in my beach bag! 

Okay, most of the skincare products have been my best of friends for the month of June, because I've been under the sun for quite a lot and have been slightly burnt during boat trips too (no shame there coming home looking like Rudolph).

First up! Is my favorite lip for the month. Normally, I'd leave the best to the last and this time, for once, it's not about lips! By Shu Uemura, Laque Supreme in PK Pink Armour 04 (CLICK HERE). It's light, it's pink and natural enough for an everyday lip colour. It's sheer enough to be a lip gloss but also pigmented enough to leave a stain on the lips.

No more Rudolph nose because of this little bottle of wonder, which saved me from having my skin peeling from being slightly burnt. ORIGINS Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (CLICK HERE) is a real life saver. A good lathering onto my nose and forehead before I sleep, then when I wake up, my skin feels cool and refreshing. The product suggests you to tissue off the excess, however, with a thin enough layer, I find that I wouldn't have to tissue it off. I actually use this on my nose and forehead again before I apply makeup on instead of my normal moisturizer. It needs a little more time to absorb before a layer of makeup but it really did help! 

I've mentioned this product before and this is the BEST purchase I made when I was in Australia! Now I wished I got a few more tubs instead of the tubes at duty free! The Lucas Papaw Ointment (CLICK HERE). At first when you read about it, most people would be put off from the words 'fermented fruit', however, personally, like I said LIFE SAVER! I rub a dollop in my palms and lather all over my shoulders and back area after a shower and first thing in the morning. It's definitely helped! Apart from helping from the sunburn, it comes in handy for insect bites, rashes and it also helped one of my friends temporary relief her eczema symptoms! I helped myself and even helped a friend out. What's not to love about that? 

Can you tell this is highly post sun post? 

Here's the thing about this Melvita Witch Hazel Virginiana Water (CLICK HERE)... It's one of those very pungent scents where you might deny it at first. I like the scent of wood and herbs however, this one is just so strong that it's hard for some people to accept it at first. No matter, it took me a while to get use to it but what I love about is the fact that it works as the bottle and ingredient says. Sprayed on like water, it's ideal for after sun exposure as it suggests, definitely a winner for me for reducing redness in my face too.

Finishing the beauty bits before going to my favorite accessories ever this summer. SUNSCREEN! This is rare for me because personally, I'm not the biggest fan of sunscreens ever. One, they're sticky and I don't like the fact that it makes me feel like my skin isn't breathing at all. So this discovery was like finding a diamond in the rough. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum with SPF 46 (CLICK HERE). Funny how it's 46 not 50 too already makes me feel like I'm not going to be stalk white over the summer already. Bit naive but this product works well for me. Two, it's just like a cream you apply to moisturize but it's lightweight and smooth enough for me to use it even as a primer. My rosacea has also decreased a little too. 

By Italia Independent (CLICK HERE), I love the bright orange! These sunnies came in handy for my friends to check themselves out on the mirrored lenses too. It's such a happy colour, eye catchy and it protects my eyes. Shame they didn't do this in an aviator size.  

Saving the best to the last. These shoes... Really. Sparkles in my eyes the moment I saw them, it was an instant try on and purchased item. No one believed their ears when I told them these were by ZARA (CLICK HERE). I've been wearing them almost every other day without fail. It goes with everything because it's in silver and I can dress an outfit up or down all just down to a pair of shoes too. The cheat for me is that, since I can't wear heels anymore, this gives me a little extra 3cm to my height! Laughable but us girls need all we can get in height sometimes! 

Time to hit the beach now that the sun's out and listen to my new favorite song! 

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