Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas at Blenheim | Light Trail

Sun set about late 4 and it was already dark enough to see the wonderful lights at Blenheim Palace from it's doors. For the very first time, the gardens of Blenheim has been lit into a sparkling winter wonderland. 

A carousal for the big and small to enjoy and a little slide off the corner for kids to enjoy themselves too. As for us adults, a mulled wine is always just around the corner.  

First thing that captures, the snowflake trail before the real trail begins. 

For some reason, I don't know why this type of green gave a little bit of an ere feeling as I walked. Somehow, it felt like the Grinch was here from Who'ville

The Rose Garden has turned into a scented Fire Garden. Shame there wasn't a sight to see this from above. 

Before walking back to where we began, a little bit of a Christmas cheer from the elf and Santa. Back to where we started but with different light to guide us out. 

I would go if you're free before it ends! 
Do wear outdoor gear because of the recent wet weather!! 

Friday, 9 December 2016

Festive at Blenheim

Time to take out the big cameras out and take some gorgeous photos for the Christmas spirits and season. Any place fill with the scent of pine tree, candles burning and a cuppa hot mulled wine or cider is always dreamy over the holiday season (just wishing for snow to fall now). 

The Marlborough family still owns and lives in the property itself, if you're wondering, yes, it's the birthplace of the late Sir Winston Churchill's family.

Before continuing, part of the State Rooms have art work displays from Blenheim Art Foundation exhibiting Michelangelo Pistoletto from 15/9/2016 - 31/12/2016 (Click Here for more information). Just in case any of you feel like certain pieces of art felt a bit out of place when it came to touring around the State Rooms. 

Walking right through the double doors of Blenheim, a Christmas cheer is already at sight. All that was missing (really) was a proper meal at the dining table and the wood fire burning warming up the room. 

I'm actually looking forward to the new event they have put out this year, "Christmas at Blenheim" from 25/11/2016 - 02/1/2017. It is a separate event to the main palace itself, so check out for tickets online (Click Here) before they're all gone! Don't forget the your parking space too if you're driving up... It is a walk along the illuminated trail through the landscapes of Blenheim. In my mind, I've already got my Barbour jacket and wellingtons on. 

Original Key to the main double door

Apart from the art work on the drums which can always tell a story, 
Could this be from WWII or the battle of Blenheim itself?

Pick your solider

The only thing that baffled me the most out of the whole tour was why the dog statue was facing the mirror...

The contemporary art which are displayed does take your attention away from the first glimpse of all the grandness and royal room. I think my favorite has got be be the very first one I saw with the furniture turned upside down with mirrors installed to it.  

Would you have a pile of laundry in colour or all white!? 

Met a journalist on the way and with the story she is covering, I am quite intrigued to read it now.
Haven't heard back from her, so I'm not sure how she's going to use the photos of us now... yikes...

More Aluminum Than Lend
Enough < Lead> To Make It Heavy

More Saltpeter Than Black Powder
Enough To Make It Explode 

Christmas cam early.
Food down, Camera ready. Off to shoot again.

Now we have 3D printers to get actual models of architectural sites. Back in the day it was match sticks.  

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