Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hello... (:

Coming back from surfing in Cornwall, summer never seems to last. Starting in September, my placement year starts, so I've decided to start on a blogg about anything that relates to the Hospitality industry. That could mean anything & everything...!

This summer will be a stress free and of course, FOOD !! I don't think there is any time I wouldn't try anything new.

I am not a professional, however, the hospitality industry has always triggered an interest ever since I can remember, therefore, I'm studying Hospitality Management.


Disclamer- Now that I have graduated and started to work and everything, I would like to say that I'm not yet a professional in my career and I'm looking forward to learning and absorbing more of the industries' knowledge. I love my food and love to try out new recipes too!

I started to write this blog again because I thought there are many foodies out there love food as much as I do.

I do travel quite often, therefore alot of the posts maybe all around the world (:

I'm currently now based in Hong Kong for health reasons. I look forward to all the delicious food that I get to try while I explore where I'm born and as well as travelling around the world.

with love,
Silvy xxx

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