Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Brittany Ferries

I love a good old road trip! Okay, this may not exactly be everyone's cup of tea but hear me out. I know it's not exactly everyone's taste to have food on board whether you're on a plane, ferry or even on the coach. Nevertheless, you can't beat a good drive down Le Mans either!

After getting all the accommodation arrangements and travelling preparations sorted out, we set out on a journey from London to Portsmouth first. Because this time, we decided to take the ferry instead of the Euro Tunnel. ONE! It's much cheaper! And if I can remember correctly, it's at least double to triple the price.  TWO, we don't have to drive all the way around Paris and waste on fuel.

First stop! Portsmouth International Port. Since we had some time to spare to refuel and take a rest before the long ride on the ferry. We stopped by Café Nero at Gunwharf Quays for a quick bite, I went for a major chocolate whammy, a hot chocolate and a triple chocolate cookie.

You might be asking why I'm not heading to Paris for the gorgeous city of romance for shopping and the touristy stuff. The thing is, I've been there many times, there's only so many museums and tourist attractions you can go to within the city itself.

Waiting to board onto the ferry
 When we booked for the ferry, we decided to book for the longer ride of the ferry (an over night ferry), it's slower, but you'll definitely get the sleep and energy you need for the next day's long drive down where ever you may be going in France. So, on the way to St. Malo, of course, there's a canteen/café for cheaper services on board but I couldn't help but go and check out what their restaurant had to offer. After all, it's French cuisine. 

Before deporting

In the restaurant, you had the choice to either go for the buffet or the set menu. We went for the set menu because we knew we couldn't have had the same amount of food like the others would... And I would have definitely not been able to eat as much. You'll be surprised how much others can actually put on their plates (not judging here, just amazed at their towering skills).

Asparagus & Scallop Soup 

Surf & Turf
 (Langoustine + Lamp)
Before heading back to our cabin to relax and start snoozing

This is only the beginning of the trip!
After freshening up and having a croissant and cuppa tea.
The drive down to Le Mans then Tours have just begun.

With Love,
Silvy xxx

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