Monday, 27 April 2015

March and April Favorites

Since I've missed the March favorites and there's not much difference to what I've been loving through out the month so why not mash it up!?

Going clockwise to the centre from ORIGINS' Gin Zing what I call "Wake Me Up" mask. I love how you only need about 10 mins in the morning with this. Then after washing it off my face, the look of my skin looks a lot more awake and refreshed instead of the tired or a dull look after a long week or even a late night! 

Next up! MECCA COSMETICA. They are equivalent to SpaceNK in the UK or even Joyce Beauty in Hong Kong but in Australia form. I discovered this while we had a day at the mall doing a last minute shop in Melbourne, because I knew we weren't really going to have time for a proper shop around during the rest of the trip. SO! Called "In A Good Light" it's part of the their Sun Series Collection. Because I'm not a fan of SPF or sunscreens texture in general. I was very surprised that the formula of this is quite the opposite of what I expected. Just like any tinted moisturiser, a pump is more than enough to cover the entire face and I sometimes double the layer to cover up a little more. I love the finish of the texture and it gives a cooling effect when applied. I hope I can get a hold of this somewhere in the near future because I get a great luminous and natural glow with minimal coverage, and on top of that, it's a non-whitening product, which is perfect for me!

Because I have been travelling a lot these two months, PALMER's Moisturizing Body Oil has been a bestie to my skin. I know I had mentioned about Argan Oil by Melvita from my Feburary Favorites but that is more travel friendly and the Palmer's Body Oil has become a good staple to have at home. Who doesn't love to smell like cocoa butter either right? On top of that, a little goes a long way. After applying the product on, like any oil based products, leave it to absorb into your skin before wearing your clothes or get into bed if you do use it after a shower in the evenings. 

My newest favorite (probably for the rest of this year) has to be the HAKUHODO brushes that I've picked up when I took the trip to Kyoto. I have yet to post some photos from the trip too! I was like a kid in a candy store pick out each and every colour and shape of brushes! They are the softest brushes I've ever felt on my skin. They don't come cheap but to me, it was well worth the money spent for my skin. 

As for nails, the combo I've been loving is Topshop's Rendezous in Matte and topping it off with Colorclub's Nail Lacquer in First Bloom (vegan friendly too, always a bonus). Very into the spring colour effect it gives. I've also had a lot of great compliments with the combo too! 

I know I've mentioned Tangle Teezer before in my favorites recently but how can one not love one that's been collaborated with Lulu Guinness? I love that the brush itself is red too! You can never go wrong with some red lip action with it either. 

Eyes, eyes eyes. Some say it's the gate way to the soul but how can it be when I look like I have panda eyes half the time? During my travels in Australia, I discovered NATIO, a natural Australian brand. Because I've never tried their products before, I didn't want to venture out to buy too many and waste it, concealers for me are always a good starting point. Recently, I've been working on a few big projects, so this came in handy to cover my panda circles. Even if it doesn't cover all the darkness, it definitely lightens up the whole eye area in general. I've also tried it on a few other skin toned friends and it seemed to work for us Asians in general (light to medium skin tone). I do use the right concealer colour in the end for a more even finish to the eye look. 

I was so excited when NARS came out with this Virtual Domination Cheek Palette. Because I can never seem to get hold of products which are mainly marketed in America and England, and I have the best sister ever! She got me this while she was travelling around America! Personally, I was over the moon when she told me she managed to get a hold of one! So SIS! Thank you so much for this!! 

Lips. I can never leave this one out ever. Travelling really does dehydrate your skin and of course, lips too. I've been using one of EMINENCE's Lip Trio : Lip Comfort and Plumping Masque (Step 2) before I go to bed. It leaves my lips hydrated and soft in the morning. Smells like a spa when I apply it on as well, very relaxing. 

Lastly, still on lips as always. Recently I've been really liking lining my lips with SONIA KASHUK's lip definer in Nude. When I can't find or have a similar colour to the lipstick shade, I like to have a nude base to keep the lipstick from bleeding. Moreover, I have been loving the Maybelline's Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Fab Orange. It's called a lipstick according to some countries but really, it's a really thick lip pencil with a velvet finish (Similar to the Nars' Lip Pencils but no dupe colours match). Gives a great staying power and they also have a good selection in colours too. Just make sure your lips are not flaky or bits will show. 

Better late than never and these two months, the two songs that have been on repeat mostly are  Calvin Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding  and  Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants
True that both of these songs have a downer side of things if you listen to the lyrics carefully. But remember, you learn though life as you live it. 

What are your favorites this month? 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Australia | Last Day

As for the last full day in Aussie, we came to this oyster farm (Barilla Bay) not far from the hotel which we have booked in advance ages ago. I don't know if it was my hearing back then or what, but I kept hearing someone saying Gorilla Bay during the whole time at the tour... Apart from oysters, they so sell many abalones from Candy Abalone, they mainly stock on Greenlip and Blacklip Abalones (dried). Greenlip is only found on the Northern Coast of Tasmania, so it is pricier. 

Little after getting our names registered and confirmation checked, off we went to the tour of the oyster farm! 


From baby to adult to GIANT! 
Shells everywhere! 
Which one do you think is Blacklip and/ Greenlip Abalone?
Abalones Drying in Process 
Oyster Farm 

We each got half a dozen of oysters to try fresh from the farm as well as a little piece of the expensize Greenlip abalone! Little after that, our group went upstairs to the restaurant area to have some lunch. 

Tasmanian Salmon | Confit Duck Maryland | Fish and Chips 
Clockwise to Center from
Barilla Chowder | Tasmanian Salmon | Vegetables and Fries | Confit Duck Maryland |
Another Barilla Chowder | Greenlip Abalone to share | Quinoa Tabouleh Salad | Fish and Chips
After a nice relaxing lunch, bellies full and feeling sleepy straight after getting onto the car. Since there weren't much to do around, we headed up to Old Hobart Town Model Village . Don't expect it to be like Legoland because you can literally walk around the area within 30 hour if you read all the descriptions explaining what each part of the town was once like. This model village is all handcrafted by a pair of brothers over a three year period. The shopkeeper tells me that all ages from school visit as a field trip to learn about the history how Hobart came to be to the present day. 

Next to the Model Village is a craft store which mainly sells wood crafts and works. I managed to get myself a boomerang as a souvenir. Apparently, it's been tested and the boomerang did come back after being thrown out. 

Not exactly our last meal but close enough to having this much seafood for a long while! We headed back to the Mures Lower Deck for dinner. 

After a good night sleep and all packed and ready to head home! 

And my detox began here with a vege and walnut mix with brown rice! Enough to fill me up to last me till I board the plane from Melbourne back to Hong Kong. 

That ends the Aussie adventure... Even though I felt quite discriminated in general, overall, we enjoyed ourselves with the company we had and all the glorious food!!

Now... Detoxing on the menu. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Australia | Sunshine & Seafood

It was definitely a long drive to Freycinet Marine Farm but with the sun out and bendy roads to keep us awake with fabulous scenery, it was worth the drive all the way. All you really need is good food with good company, good music on the way to keep yourself awake when driving too! It maybe sunny but it temperature dropped dramatically when the sun started to set. 

Topshop Top | Zara Shorts | HM Shoes | Spyder Jacket
American Vintage Backpack 

Glass of local White | Oysters | Lobster | King Prawns 
Abalone cooked in butter 
Mussels in Tomato sauce 

After a nice long lunch and under the sun, on the drive back, we went pass Devil's vineyard. And I must say! What a view they have! It was pretty dreamy as I laid at the grass soaking up some sun and the others enjoy the wine they served. 

You won't believe that this is actually a vineyard at all but hey! What a view right? 

Ended the day with some good old gelato just opposite from the hotel again after dinner. I just couldn't resist some Chai flavored ones. 

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