Sunday, 23 November 2014

Friends in Town

Can't go wrong to start the day off with a nice cuppa good Italian coffee 

We went to Red Lobster one afternoon and it was very much a filler for the rest of the day

Lobster Bisque | House Salad 

Nicoise Burger 
I went back to Joey's in Shops in Don Mills to meet my cousin and her mom which I haven't seen in years! Always a pleasure to catch up with friends and family I haven't seen for the longest time! 

Sweet Potato Fries | Fish Rolls 
Apple Pie | Chocolate Fondant 

Since the trip to Canada was very much of a family visit, so seeing old friends and meeting new ones are always a bonus! So here we have Rown whom I've known since boarding school with his lovely girlfriend (: 

I opted for the Vegetarian Bento Box 

Rown and his lovely girlfriend took me to DavidsTea as well! It's definitely for someone who misses tea all the way from England too! I just love how colourful it is inside and all the mugs and travel cups they have! 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hockey & Foodie

The first time I came here to Weslodge, I was stuffed from The Champion 3 Eggs breakfast and this time round, I managed to eat and try their food! Since we were going to go watch the first opening game of the season in ice hockey, we thought we'd go into down town early. Eat some food and perhaps a little bit of a cheeky shopping too. If you are in Toronto, I highly highly recommend this place to have lunch or even dinner!! I love the gigantic yellow doors too! You definitely won't miss these double doors in the area. 

Baby Romaine | Scotch Egg | West Coast Baked Oysters

Crispy Shrimp Roll

Old School Friend Boneless Quail

Banana Ice Cream Bar

Black Currant Sorbet | Cheese of The Day | Whipped Panna Cotta 

With all sports that I've watched live in other countries, ie: NBA, American Football, Baseball. Ice Hockey has always been on the bucket list and I've been so excited that I finally get to watch a game! I don't follow a team as much as I did back when I was in school since I move to England, interests and internet back then honestly didn't help. What's even more exciting for myself is the opening ceremony before the game!! We even saw Wayne Gretzky at the game too! Total epic moment for my mother too. 

Opening Ceremony 
Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens

Game Ended with
Canadiens 4 - Maple Leafs 3
Typical Game food
Must have while watching a game! 

CN Tower

I love this cat 
480 King St W,
Toronto, ON 
M5V 17 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Medieval Times

A light lunch before heading to the Medieval Times venue. I will say thing first though, I was actually expecting it to be very kiddy and boy was I wrong... Don't know why I've never been when I was over in Atlanta actually... maybe it's because my sister and I were going through that phase where we thought we were too cool for school. But then again, I'm never too old to visit the Coca Cola Factory anytime or any age at all! 

I managed to try First Knight

Tonight's Menu 

Yes... Medieval Times.. Really, no cutlery 

Our lovely Waitress for the evening

If you do go, definitely bring some wet wipes with you!! Unless you want to be licking and slurping on your fingers when you're heading out of the venue. 

A lovely sunset to end with the evening 

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