Sunday, 18 March 2018

Origins : DRINK UP Intensive Overnight Mask

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The one thing I can't stand myself of in the winter days, is that dryness I have from the bitter cold weather outdoors to the blazing hot heat indoors. Now that spring is almost here, I can say that this Origins: Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask saved my skin from looking patchy, especially after having makeup on all day.

Why I love it is because it's not greasy or sticky. I absolutely disliked some overnight masks where I wake up with my hair stuck to my face because of the product and as well as my pillowcases. With this Overnight Mask, it just feels like cream you've put on after cleansing your face before going to bed. If you do feel like you've got too much on, you can always blot it off with tissue which I find it very useful. 

I use this at least once a week to keep my skin hydrated. I tend to use it when I know I won't have enough sleep or haven't had enough water during the day. One of the best thing with Origins is, there aren't many products where I don't like the scent of it. So, after washing it off in the morning, my skin feels very smooth and soft. Makeup then always looks so much better when your skin is hydrated.

 People ask me how I apply masks in these types of big squeezey tubes. I like to use an old flat brush (like a foundation brush that I won't use anymore) then slowly brush it over my skin. That way I can see how much product I directly put on the brush. If not, just make sure your hands are nice and clean before you apply the mask onto your face. 

Last but not least, because I can travel a lot because of work, I can easily depot it into a smaller tube or pots when ever I need it. The best place I would recommend for these is MUJI. It will become one of your favorite travel container store like me.

If you've tried this product, let me know what you think too.
Please do let me know if there are other products you'd like me to try out too! 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Charlotte Tilbury : Hollywood Contour & Highlight

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A little while ago, I bought the Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Beauty Light Wand (Highlighter) and the Contour Wand.
As much as I love some of her products, being honest, the Highlighter is amazing. Like the Wonderglow, you can use it before and after foundation. Personally, I do prefer the finishing texture of the Wonderglow more but of course, to get that highlighted look, then go for it.

Now, when it came to using the Contour Wand (I have it in Light to Medium), it did take me a while to get use to it because of how much more fluid it is comparing to a cream colour I use daily.  It does set once it's blended, it can be used without powder on top of it. Because I do have my makeup on all day without touching up, I tend to use a powder contour to go over it so it lasts longer. Colourwise, Light - Medium is more of an ashy tone, it does give a very natural look. I will say though, the amount of contour I use is alot more than highlight, so for it's price, I do find it more expensive however, it's great for travelling and lightweight!

The only problem I really had was to remember to twist the top part of the sponge to close it, otherwise, I had a bit of a highlight and contour spillage all in the cap and makeup bag. Basically, remember to twist to open and close the product if you're not using it!

NOTE* I did purchase with my own money. NO AD 

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