Thursday, 29 October 2015


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with English Muffin 
The first full day was actually at sea so when we finally go to Ketchikan bright and early, breakfast it was and off we went into town to have a walk. 

We were given this voucher in a book on board so we might as well go to the shop and get a 99p worth tee for good memory right? 

Was very tempted to get this furry hat but in the end, I thought to myself, Hong Kong will never be cold enough for this apart from a good Halloween costume. Looks nice though huh? 

The original Dolly's now a House Museum. Day shift is open for tourist reasons, night shift closed at 1953. A little bit of a red light district back in the day by the famous madam, Dolly Arthur on Creek Street. 

"If I ain't in my house, I ain't makin' no money" 
- Dolly Arthur

Went into Creek Street for a little wonder around. 


After a walk around Ketchikan, I ended up getting this Go Raw Ginger Snap snack back onto the cruise. Thought it would be a good snack on the way with some red wine later the day when the cruise leaves port again and on route we went! 

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Anchors Aweigh

Got up bright and early, final packing and off we went to check into the Celebrity Millennium Cruise. This is my first ever cruise trip so I wasn't sure what to expect at all. In the beginning, we went through a what seemed like going through an exhibition site for a queue and one check after another, we managed to get on board after going through immigration. Because we are heading to Alaska and still on Canadian soil and sea boarders, so we've practically been gone through all the securities and necessities. 

Quick lunch on deck and ANCHORS AWEIGH!

Nice little room and the view from the balcony was breath taking along the way during the trip. Photos will be posted along the way of the days heading towards Seaward, Alaska. 

Already checking out some of their wine selection. Haha!

Goodbye Vancouver and Sail Away. 

First dinner was at the The Olympic which features the original paneling form the original RMS Olympic. 

Five-Spice Crusted Cervena Venison Loin 
Seared Milk-Fed Veal Tenderloin 
Murano Lobster

Valrhona Cocoa Cake 
Crepe Ballon Rouge
Cheese Course 

That ended well for the first night on sea.
I was told that after being at sea for so long, I wouldn't know how to walk when I have my feet back on ground. We'll just have to see what happens! 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Canada : Haul

Don't be alarmed that this is all there is to it. If you know me well enough by now, you'd know there would be definite trip to Sephora and Target. Though, when in Canada, you've got to visit the M.A.C Pro Cosmetics store right? New collections, professional makeup artists tools and accessories, I was practically a kid in a candy store with diamonds in my eyes. Bling Bling Bling*

As much as I wanted to get almost everything, these are what I ended up getting! Clockwise from the first lip palette on the top left. 

Trend Forecast (Fall 15/Lip) -
Ermine (AMP) | Sweet Salmon (AMP)
Smoke Petal (AMP) | Grand Canyon (F)
She Devil (F) | Royal Ritual (F) 

6 Editiorial Oranges (Pro Lip Palette) - 
Sandy B (F) | Crosswires (CS) 
Morange (AMP) | So Chaud (M) 
Look At Her! (SS) | Bronze Shimmer (F) 

Lipstick (Satin) - Brave

Lip Pencil - Dervish

Couldn't help myself with some lippie products since I love darker lips in the fall and winter. I've been wanting to get a nude lip for ages too and finally, the lovely makeup artist at M.A.C paired me up with the colours Dervish and Brave. I love how it's a satin finish too which I can practically cheat on lining my lips fuller with both the liner and lipstick and wouldn't even notice because the colour is so similar to my natural lip! 

This is what happens to my hand when I get close enough to a lipstick counter 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Quick, Hot & Weird Kina Day

It was a bit of a weird one to Vancouver Island, my first ever local tour ever; now I understand why I have friends who either love or hate following a tour when travelling. 
Okay, so the meeting point was in China Town and then picking other people up along the way from other destinations. Hopped into a coach and on board to the ferry heading towards Victoria which took about 90 mins. 

Leaving the port

First attraction set was the area around British Columbia Parliament Building. Since we were given a set time to be back at the coach, I've only managed to take a few photos along the way. Then we stopped by the famous "Mile '0'" of Terry Fox. It was literally, off the coach for 10 minutes and on again heading to our next destination, The Butchart Gardens. It was one of the hottest days in Vancouver, just a little over 30 Degrees Celsius. The coach we were on didn't have proper air cooling system so many of us ended up falling asleep due to the lack of air circulation. It was so hot even ice cream melted the moment it leaves the freezer. I was definitely glad to have stopped for an ice-tea before we had to get back to the coach for a long journey back. 

Spotting animals along the way

Got back onto the coach and headed back to Vancouver on the BC ferries. 

Yup, that man in pink was the hipster with all the high-tech and cigar in mouth nodding along the beat. 

Took the Sky Train back to the Waterfront and walked back to the hotel. 

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