Thursday, 28 April 2016

Pier 39 : Fog Harbor Fish House

After the tour we did with Greyline, we got off the bus here at Pier 39 and as always, looking for food. Just about time to grab some dinner before calling it a night. 

Walked around the area of Pier 39 found Fog Harbor Fish House at the top decks on the left facing the pier's direction. First thing after getting a table, ordered ourselves a few drinks to refresh and cool down. Where we sat inside was slightly warm and air didn't seem to circulate well... Something cold was much needed. 

Fog Harbor Lager ($8) | Strawberry- Basil Nojito ($7)
Ahi Tuna Polk ($16)
Steamed Clams ($16)
Slightly on the spicy side with the clams because of the chorizo. 

Cioppino ($33) 
Crab Louis Salad ($24)
After going to Alaska, I guess we still have that little crave for some crab meat. A San Francisco Classic, the Crab Louis is the one to go for. Pretty simple, yet, it still fills a hole. 

Decisions decisions!! Typically I wouldn't be able to choose and say: "One each please".
Had a little too much already, so we chose two to share. 

Tiramisu ($8.5) | Apple Crisp a la Mode ($8.5) 
As far as I know, San Francisco's got plenty of Italians around and known for it's Little Italy too! With that train of thought, Tiramisu, I've got to try this. 

Plenty of shops and even a carousel if you fancied a round on it. Even managed to find a shop just for lefties!! Managed to get a pair of lefty scissors so we don't have to keep tilting our heads because of the way the normal scissors are made.  Most things in general for left handed are available, however, the only thing I can't ever seem to find is fish knives for lefties.

Monday, 25 April 2016

San Francisco City Tour & Bay Cruise

Since we didn't rent a car this trip, got ourselves three tickets ($81 each) for about a 5 hour tour to go see San Francisco with Greyline. Luckily, our bus driver, as well as our tour guide had a good sense of humor, otherwise I think I would have slept the whole way through during the tour itself!

Hopefully you're lucky to a good tour guide like we did! A short tour like this is always a great idea to start with when you're not sure which tourist attraction you'd want to start first. It gives you an overall idea what there is to offer within the city.

A quick introduction from our tour guide himself and the history of San Francisco, then it begins. Going pass a few destinations like the church where the famous photo Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had taken. It was interesting when our tour guide started to mention about the Oakland Army Base. Little did I noticed, by the time the Golden Gate Bridge was in sight, cameras and phones were all out on one side of the tour bus. 

The Teddies have taken over

There is only ONE WAY, that's ON WARDS.

Sutro Baths and the Pacific Ocean 

Once the place to be for a bath and it's architectural design . If you do visit the Sutro Baths, our tour guide recommended us to have a coffee or even chai latte. He was right! The little cafe inside the shop for a cuppa was not bad at all!

The main attractions to the Golden Gate and Bay Cruise as well as Land's End done. 
Back into the town area see what else there was to offer. 

San Francisco City Hall 

We also went pass Little Italy.  

At the end of the tour, we had the choice to either head back to where we got onto the bus or here at Pier 39. Time was just at our side, it was time to go and see what kind of delicious food we can find next. Wasn't expecting to stop by here at the end of the tour so didn't do much research about it. 

Wait for the next blog post to see where we ended up to have food. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hyde and Lombard

First night down in San Francisco and it was time for breakfast. We had breakfast at the hotel and I couldn't resist myself for a Pancake French Toast after seeing someone else having it too and then off we went. It was a little overcast this morning but slightly warm. 

Two things I was told to do on a good day was to take the cable car and see Lombard Street. Starting off at the Powell-Hyde Cable Car Turntable which is still manually functioned by the operators to this day. 

I was lucky enough to stand next to the operator in charge of the breaks, was able to take some great photos on the way. Best views they say is to sit on the right side of the cable car (if you're leaving from Fisherman's Wharf, facing eastern side of the Powell cars). 

Since it's not like most cable cars or trams, you are expected to hold on tight to your belongings (so hang on tight), pretty wide open. If you did drop your things, do hope it's still there when you return, the tram won't just stop unless you're getting off. I would highly recommend wearing a light weight jacket or cardigan even though it's the summer seasons. Pretty breezy as the cable car picked up it's pace, especially as we turn a corner and down the hill we went. Would not suggest standing where I was with the operator unless you're taking photos like I was. There is this heavy burning smell from clutch when changing gears and braking. 

Dare to Stand?
Since we didn't feel like shopping, after getting off at the end of the line at Market Street by Union Square, we hopped straight on to the next one back to Fisherman's Wharf direction and got off at the tops of Lombard Street. 

The famous crooked street is a place to visit. 

It was very useful when you see the name of the street marked at each ends of the street itself. You don't have to go looking around for a sign post like most cities. 

Even though it was packed with tourists and cars down the street, somehow, with all the flowers and greenery, it made me feel at ease. I can also imagine those living there wouldn't want to get out of the house with of the people and traffic!

San Francisco is a very hilly place to walk around! Even I struggled walking down the hill in trainers!

Monday, 18 April 2016

To San Francisco

Atlanta, it's always a pleasure and off to San Francisco.

Stayed at Hyatt in Fisherman's Wharf which is between North Point and Bay Street. Very convenient to walk right out into the main attraction area.

Slightly tired and peckish, time was already around 4pm and we didn't wanted to have a proper meal just yet. It's my first time to San Francisco, it was a whole new exploration. 

Boudin Bakery was the place to go to! Highly recommend for a snack and just a loaf of Sourdough. You wont miss the sight of it by Pier 43. 

A quick drink and light bite under the sun. We went around the area to see what's there to offer. Just keep in mind, even though it's sunny, there's still a cool breeze. 

Just adorable, just too adorable. I practically wanted to have one each but not sure how I'd eat them all. The turtle ones are so cute! 

We ended up getting one of this crabbie hat! 

Tempted to get a Crab Chowder to go

We ended up having dinner at one of San Francisco's oldest running seafood restaurants, Alioto's, 

A photo posted by Stephanie Silv. Lui (@stephlui88) on

What a view right? 

Crab Cakes ($32.95) | Garlic Shrimp Pots ($13.25)
Steamed Clams ($22.25)
Seafood Bouillabaisse ($25.50)
Overall, the food was good, apart from feeling very thirsty from the saltiness of the food. I would have chosen something else on their House Specialties selection other than the garlic shrimp which the waiter did recommend to us. 

Restaurants Mentioned :

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