Sunday, 25 September 2016



This place has always been packed full of people, so that's why there's the 'Wait Time' out of the front door. If you're willing to wait for a table, you'll definitely get a true Southern hospitality. Some of you may know that it's been renovated to it's original state because of a fire accident. Always worth the wait right? 

Only a small section of OK

If you don't really want to wait for the queue on weekends, there's always the take-away section where you can still enjoy all the food you want. Maybe apart from the ice cold milkshake which water downs out in the heat. 

We sat under the money tree. One of the original pieces of the interior which was not destroyed in the fire. 

One who served us was Leesa (photo above) pouring us an order of the Chocolate Milkshake (yes, an order for one is 2 glasses), she's been with the OK family for a very long time, so if you see her, say hi for me. Ask her about the restaurant if you want, she knows alot more than what I can tell you. 

Managed to miss the breakfast time slot but hey! Lunch is just as great.
I'm sure any of my friends get that hangover would want some greasy food!

Fried Cheese Grits with Jalapeno and Cheese Dip ($8.50) 

One of my favorite things to add with a meal with proper southern food. 
It's like spicy vinegar. 

Can't beat a good Roast Turkey drenched with gravy ($14.99) comes with 2 choices of vegetables and a corn muffin. I went for the Baked Sweet Potato and Kale salad. Turkey normally comes with some stuffing and cranberry sauce too. Always a plus plus plus. 

With Southern food, no one goes home empty stomached. 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

True Food Kitchen | Atlanta

After a bit of good steak and carbs, maybe it's time for some healthy food in me. I was recommended to come to True Food Kitchen (Atlanta). Veggie and Vegan friendly but still got some healthy proteins (meat) for those who needs it.

This may sound slightly weird but not only taking photos of the menu help me remember what kind of food I've had but also gives me a bit of inspiration of what I should make when I'm home too. 

Edamame Dumplings
dashi, white truffle oil and asian herbs ($9) 
This was an interesting one. Who ever knew edamame beans would go with white truffle oil right? Straight after trying this and telling some of my chef friends. They were pretty eager to try it out too. Since I've never had anything like that before, it was surprisingly a nice combination of the two. 

Left to Right:
Sustainable Seabsss ($24)
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad ($12)
Grilled Chicken Salad ($13.50) 

Too hot to sit outside in a hot summer's day in Atlanta!
Just bring along a cardigan along anywhere you go, that blast of air-conditioning can give the chills. 

*no photos edited

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ray's On The River

Since being back in Atlanta, there are always plenty of food around for everyone to try. I have been here at Ray's On the River many years ago before I was in university doing a short summer internship. If you look for Canoe (Click Here), last time I was back here in Atlanta, it has its similarities. 

Better safe than sorry but it really did smell too strongly of chlorine.

Special's for the evening, can anyone tell me what's a "Turtle Cheesecake"?

The "Breakfast" Stout by Founders Brewing.
Who wouldn't love a coffee/ chocolate tasting beer right? 
If anyone in England knows where I can get few bottles PLEASE* send me an email or tag me in my social medias !

Trying to imitate the kid on the bottle 

Steakhouse Wedge
Delmonico Ribeye
Instead of having the Yukon Golden Whipped Potatoes, I opted for the Seasonal Roasted Vegetables. The only thing I have to say is that I felt like a lonely diner with people I know around me. Little annoying things I pick up from by previous job. Don't get me wrong, I love my old job, very thankful to my manager who taught us all well. I just wonder sometimes if I will ever stop picking on every little detail. That's just me though. 

Just like being at the Canoe, the view by the river is amazing. 

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