Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lunar New Year Fair

This year will be my second year being back in Hong Kong completely for Chinese New Year I find that the enthusiasm doesn't seem to be as it use to be when I was a kid. Nevertheless, this year is the year of Horse! Wishing you all the best in health and happiness! Hope this year will be better than the last!  
The Lunar New Year really starts tomorrow and everyone must be busy cleaning and clearing out the old in and with the new. It's practically like spring cleaning but obviously Chinese style! At least that's the way I've seen it all these years.
Couple of days when the Lunar New Year Fair was opened, it's a good idea to go during the day more than it is at night, even though the way to see things are completely different. During the day, you can view the flowers a lot better but at night, the atmosphere really is different, it becomes more of a night market where you can buy all sorts of things from traditional sweets to stuff toys these days. It's free admission so year after year, it gets more and more packed with locals and tourists. Though, there's definitely a lot less viewing of the flower stalls and more of the other trinkets and toys being sold at the fair in Victoria Park.
One of my old favorites

Called : Lucky Bamboo
Not the biggest fan of shredded coconut but I will have this !
There's even Emoji pillows and accessories

Completely packed !!

Whole view of Victoria Park
Wishing you all a prosperous year, great health & happiness !
With love,
Silvy xxx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekend Pamper : DECLÉOR eye and lip mask

There's no surprise a girl loves a little pampering sessh during the weekend or let alone the during the week! I like to do at least one thing different each week and this time, EYES. I've had this for a while and for a few hundred Hong Kong Dollars, it's lasted me what seems forever now. Since we're still in the winter seasons, skin care is definitely a must for us girls with dry skin. I myself my combination skin, so I use this product by DECLÉOR sparingly. I love that it is very moisturising and end up with smoother skin and less tired looking eyes. On top of that, it doesn't feel sticky at all and dries clear. This has always been a life saver especially when I use to fly frequently. The best thing is, because it's for all skin types, even my mom would come to my bathroom and nick it to use from time to time.

I believe the packaging is now in yellow.
Have you tried this?
Silvy xxx

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hearing in White

Got this a while back through exchanging points. This is the Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i. I love the simplistic design but for me, when I wear it with my glasses with large frames, they can be quite uncomfortable, apart from that, love the fitting and sound quality. Doesn't isolate all the background noise once you have it on but it's better than none! Comes with a small black pouch to keep it from tangling all the time too. The Earset 3i only comes in the basics of black and white if you prefer having the remote and mic like I have here. Otherwise, I love the vibrate colour they come in (yellow, green or orange).
Sometimes you do get what you pay for in quality. I'm glad I got mine through point exchange.
Silvy xxx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I came across this from an old classmate of mine and it's called the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Since I've found out that I've got cancer, I thought... Might as well give it a go. There's always one thing that can make one smile even on a bad day. I think it's well worth a try!
As I'm always told : grass is always greener on the other side.
Just started mine a few days ago & I have seem to have inspired a few more other people to try it out as well! Pretty impressed on how fast a few words can do. I've signed mine up and posted them on instagram but you can choose the preferred social media you prefer.
Instagram : stephlui88
Twitter : @stephlui
Would you try this and see if you can be happy for a 100 days straight?
images via website

Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Found Fav : Hush Puppies

OBSESSED ! I've had my eyes on this pair of booties since last year but every time I went by to have a look at the shop, either they don't have my size (because in Hong Kong I'm considered to have big feet) or they've practically sold out.
Funny enough, it was my very own dad who introduced the brand to me. Comfy yet stylish. Okay, not all of their shoes may look that great online or in store, so you definitely have to wait and see what they have in store for the season. Since I'm not allowed to wear high heel shoes anymore, comfort is key.
Best thing yet, the gold detailing can be removed depending on what you feel like wearing on the day. The only downer point to that is the string that hold the gold chain in place is way too long even after I've tied a double knot.
What's your new found fashion favorite?
Silvy xxx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Coffee Alley

Club Sandwich with Chips and Egg Mayo Salad | Egg Mayo Vegetable Sandwich
Viennese Coffee

Apple and Lemon Tea

Fresh Fruit Tea
Strawberry Waffles
A Wear Kimono Jacket | Asos Basic Black Vest | Zara Black Jeans |
H&M Blue Feather Earrings | Rings - Vintage
I've been wanting to go to Coffee Alley for the longest time when I've been recommended to go but when you always see the queue outside (and I do mean the queue goes from inside the building to the front entrance to the corner of the street), it's no brainer that sometimes you just turn around and head for something else! During the week will be better but on the weekends, really, be prepared to start waiting before 11.30am since they open 12 sharp, or wait for about an hour after you've got your numbered ticket. Luckily, for the times I've been here, I've been early and queuing like a school girl again. There's also a time limit of 90mins to enjoy all the food and drink you can have! So if you go during lunch time, don't expect to be able to stay till an afternoon tea.
I love the semi open kitchen concept and the spacious area you get. The original café is from Taiwan, so don't be alarmed if the waiters or waitress start speaking to you in Mandarin. I started off with a Viennese coffee since I hear most coffee there are pretty good, was very creamy and rich. I ended up having an Apple and Lemon Tea to ease off the richness from the food! I must say, portions for it's price, fills you up and it's delicious! Can't say no to that for the people in Hong Kong. I do recommending sharing so you get to try other food.
 Food does come very quickly once you've ordered, so don't worry if you've only got 90mins to scuffle down all that glorious food. Some odd reason, you'd probably have a little time to spare to enjoy a dessert like I did. The only down point I have to say is that it was very noisy. The blender... once that starts going off in the kitchen... With that making cold smoothies and music pumped up even louder, plus the voices of everyone else, my ear were ringing. Maybe I just do prefer a more quiet surrounding. Apart from that, with a sweet tooth like mine, a finish with the strawberry waffles is definitely a bonus.
Coffee Alley
Room B1-B3
1/F Dragon Rise
9-11 Pennington Street
Causeway Bay 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Silver Style : Apple Strudel Crumble Pie

Shortcrust Pastry
2 ½         Cups – Flour
1              Cup – Butter
1              Teaspoon – Salt
1              Teaspoon – Sugar
4-6          Tablespoon – Ice Water
1)      Cut butter into cubes and freeze for 15 – an hour
2)      Combine flour, salt & sugar (then add butter 6-8 times)
3)      Add water 1 Tablespoon at a time
4)      After combined smoothly, wrap the dough with cling film and place in the fridge until the Crumble and Filling has been made

** I recommend freezing the butter in advance while you get all the other ingredients for the filling
**Use a Hand Blender to save time (if so, use pulsing technique to ensure all butter is combined evenly)
** Roll the dough with some flour to prevent it from sticking onto the counter top

Cinnamon Crumble
¼             Cups – Light Brown Sugar
¼             Cups – All Purpose Flour
2              Tablespoons – Butter
½             Teaspoon – Cinnamon
Combine till desired Crumble sizes
*Personally, I prefer not to over mix and get large crumble pieces.
*Optional – Add Oats for a more crunchy texture (may have to add more butter to even out)

¾             Cups – Sugar
2              Tablespoon – All Purpose Flour
1              Pinch – Salt
¾             Cup – Sour Cream
3              Large – Egg Yolks
1              Teaspoon – Vanilla extract / 1 vanilla podded seeds
½             Teaspoon – Lemon Zest


4-6 Granny Smith Apples (Peeled Cored and Cut into pieces of your choice)

1)      Preheat oven to 200°C
2)      Whisk Sugar, Flour & Salt
        - then add Sour Cream, Egg Yolks, Vanilla & Lemon Zest
       (Whisk until smooth)
3)      Sprinkle as much Cranberries as you like as a bottom layer (or on top of the apple slices)
4)      Arrange Apple Slices
5)      Pour Sour Cream mixture over Apples
6)      Bake for 15 mins @ 200°C
7)      Reduce to 180°C for 45-50 mins longer



Vanilla ice-cream is definitely great to have it with a slice!
My friends enjoyed having this as much as I made it.
 Off to make myself a cuppa tea with it (:

Silvy xxx


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