Friday, 30 November 2012

Taverna Fiorentina

This is a family owned little Italian restaurant. It doesn't give too many choices of food but from that, you don't have to decide forever and over order all the time.

Located in Cobb Parkway Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia. in the Vinings shopping center. It's one of those restaurants where its said to be a hidden gem.
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 10:30pm

I recommend booking a table in advance, they can sometimes be very busy.

Minestorne Soup

Grilled Calamari (left), Fried Calamari (Centre), Grilled Mixed Vegetables (right)

Mussels in White Wine Sauce

I went to this restaurant a few weeks back. but I will post up what I cooked on New Years Eve soon!

With Love,
Silvy xxx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pantry Magic

I love to visit different kinds of cooking shops as I travel or where ever I go. HOWEVER! There's always one that I seem to go back to alot, I've discovered this shop many many years ago, even before I started Uni in Bournemouth.

It's just located between Hollywood Road where I've recommened The Press Room before and Queen's Road . This shop is now located on 25 Lok Ku Road, Central near Man Mo Temple. They open everyday from 10.30am - 7.30pm. I know they also have other shops around in Asia like Taipei, Singapore & Bangkok.
If you do decide to drive over there, make sure you find a paid parking spot. Don't wanna get a parking ticket ! (officers do walk around there quite often!!) OR! you can walk there from Sheung Wan's MTR station or even have a walk there after having brunch on Hollywood Road.
I love how authentic it is when I enter everytime, makes me feel like I'm back in lil pastry shops in London or even America.
They produce alot of their own brands too & also have monthly live cooking demos too!
This is my recent purchase from their shop! They're already ready for Christmas ( loving it ! ) Since I'm home in Hong Kong this time round, I've decided to splurge a little more and bought these lovly copper cookie cutters!
Copper Cookie Cutters

I can't wait to try these out and see post a gingerbread cookie recipe as well! I will be visiting the shop again before I travel early next month!

with love,
Silvy xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Rough Mondays

What do you do when you're feeling run down and rough on a Monday morning and find that you can't do much?

Well, as for me, I stay in bed after downing a jug of water with some Panadol till I feel like I can't sleep anymore...

Knowing me, I like my tea, so using my biggest beer mug! Yes, from the one I got from Oktoberfest and pour as much hot water and let cool when I don't burn my lips.

This is already the 3rd mug !
And the most comfy thing that my mom makes when she knows I'm feeling ill, is some good old soup since my childhood.

For a small pot, and depending on the amount of ingredients you like, this is what you'd need:

Pumpkin (since it's seasonal)
Sweet corn
Meat of your choice (I personally recommed chicken, pork or ham slices)
Macaroni (your choice)
Salt and peppercorns
** optional- bayleaf

Chop the meat & vegetables in chunks all in similar sizes (bite size preferably). Add all the vegetables  and meat slices into a saucepan or pot with water and let it boil for a while till the meat is cooked. Right before serving, add some of your favorite choice/shape of macaroni and let simmier till they're at your liking. Of course! feel free to add your fav vege or seasonal vege to your liking as well.

I love home comfort food
Mix and match. Find what you're most confy food when you're feeling run down and ill like me... I'm just glad that I"m home this time! Because when I worked in London, I never cared much of my own health because I thought I'm young and I can definitely get through it! Little did I know it can do alot of damage to yourself (your own health)
If you are home alone at this cold seasonal weather, make sure you're fully concious of every step you're cooking and chopping!!

Stay warm everyone !

with love,
Silvy xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Basic Macarons (HK 1st Attempt)

In London, I make plenty of colourful and tastey macarons during the weekend so I share them with my friends on a picnic or a lovely tea at mine or a friends' place.

In Hong Kong, no thanks to the weather (aka HUMIDITY!) it's harder to perfect this little delicate cookie because of the ingredents and getting use to the oven again. BUT hey! Why waste time and not try right?

First attempt in HK 
Apple Tea Macarons

My thoughts... I need to pipe it a little thinner than usual.

For the basic recipe, email me for further information
with love,
Silvy xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Press Room

I love love love my brunches ! And as you could tell, I couldn't get enough of it ! This was during the summer before I was hospitalized. The Press Room is on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. The only disadvantage during the weekends (especially on Sunday's) is that it's very popular and busy !! I advise to make a prebooking with your friends! I have yet to try their lunch menu you and dinner, that will come later after Christmas as I will be travelling (excited!!).

 If you love your sweet things there is also a cake shop down on Gough Street, Central called "C'est La B" which I highly recommend!

I also write personal storys on StoryLane, if you're interested to know how and why I stopped foodie blogging, that will be your chance to find out.

Strawberry and Banana Waffle
French Toast with Crispy Bacon & Banana
Cake By c'est la B

If you have any recommendation in HK which you would like me to try, please do not hesitate to comment or email me details and locations
with love,
Silvy xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Kind of Sundays

No matter where I am, I love to spend a good quality time on Sunday with my loved ones. Sometimes I may seem to spend time with the same sorts of people but because it is them, that's why they rock my world. I love how it's always sweet and slow on Sundays but also how time can pass so quickly when you're having the time of your life.

So this past Sunday, and most Sundays as I like. I love spending good quality time with my parents. This is where I went with them last weekend. St. Betty at the IFC in Hong Kong. Since we were having brunch I couldn't skip on a good cuppa coffee and have some Classic Egg Benedict. Every time I go there, I love how creamy the Hollandaise Sauce! Just thinking about it already makes me drool! And as for my brunch dessert, I had this lovely Pineapple slices with sago and coconut ice cream. It was my first time enjoying coconut as a dessert because I personally dread the texture and taste of shredded dry sweet coconut, I was surprised how much I've enjoyed it myself.

Before we knew it, I even had some gorgeous lemon tea while I waited for my friend after having brunch with my parents (;

Friday, 16 November 2012

Silver Style Chai Tea

I don't know about you guys but I love a cuppa tea! And since Christmas is coming too, I love Chai Tea strong, but I also like to change the sweetness of it.
Here's what you need for about 4 servings:
  • - 2½ cups water
  • - 2 cups of milk (of your choice)  
  • - 5 black tea bags or ½ cup loose black tea
  • - ¼ cup sugar
  • - 2 star anise
  • - 2 cinnamon sticks
  • - 5 cardamom pods
  1. Press the cardmom pods till they crack.
  2. Bring water, tea, star anise, cinnamon sticks and cardamom to a boil.
  3. Boil for about 3-5 minutes till you get black tea and reduced a little
  4. Strain and add sugar then the milk
Optional *
Top it off with whipped cream !!! Sprinkle with some nutmeg, cinnamon powder and choclate flake <3 font="font">

I'm already into the Christmas spirits !
My lazy cuppa Yogi Chai Tea with ½ teaspoon sugar + milk
with love,
Silvy xx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Enchante Macarons

I know this will sound a little cheesy but nevertheless it's based  London by a good friend of mine !

Have a look at the website and contact details with the link above. I'm so excited for her to have begin this and with all means, please check it out !

These are a few photos I've taken from her are all homemade by her in her own very kitchen.

So cute!
ALL HOMEMADE by herself!!

Delicious & Colourful

with love,
Silvy x

Friday, 2 November 2012

Apple Topper

Missing in action for a whole year and more, I truely have neglected this post for various reasons but for now, alot of the posts and food will be from Hong Kong. Though this can be a bit of an explanation, I thought I would share what I make the most for Christmas since it's drawing nearer.

Its been named the Apple Topper from my gorgeous friends, so, this what you need for one of these:

1 large apple (crunchy/granny apples)
pinch of cinnamon & nutmeg
1 tbsp brown sugar
squeeze of lemon juice
* a dash of vanilla

Here's what you do with it-
1) Slice the top of the apple so you get a lid

2) Carefully spoon or carve the inside of the apple
  (try to leave at least 1-2cm thick of the edge from the skin and just half way of the apple)

3) Chop the apple filling into smaller bite size if they're too big

4) Mix all the ingredients

5) Place the apple filling back into the apple cup itself & cover it with the apple lid

6) Bake at 180 degree c. for 45mins

** change the ingredients to suit your own taste ! It's always fun to create new flavors **

with love,
Silvy x

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